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ELITE sports complex Rhythmic Gymnastics Program Vision.

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the rhythmic gymnastics program at Elite is to offer instruction at all levels and all ages in the sport of rhythmic gymnastics. The program’s philosophy focuses on developing self confidence and physical coordination through the introduction of this unique sport.

Program Goals:

The goals of offering such a program include: to promote rhythmic gymnastics so that the general public will become more familiar with the sport. to give young girls an opportunity to become involved in a sport designed specifically and only for girls. to give those involved a positive experience in a sport that is safe, where success is more easily attainable at beginning levels than most sports for girls. to offer a positive and healthy competitive experience for higher level rhythmic gymnasts where they can build self confidence and be part of a team where encouragement and support of one another is encouraged. to provide an opportunity to be involved in a unique sport that is not commonly offered at other facilities.


The vision of the Elite Sports Complex’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Program is to develop a strong preschool, developmental and competitive program that will make the Elite Sports Complex, a facility specifically built for rhythmic gymnastics, known as the largest program for rhythmic gymnastics in the country - A facility offering a well rounded program accommodating all levels and ages which will feed into a strong competitive team.
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