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Lil Leapers

This class is 45 minutes long and is designed for 2 and 3 year olds. The class focuses on gross motor skills including locomotor movements, tumbling, and obstacle courses. Fine motor skills are developed through the use of small hand apparatus. The class involves a variety of movement activities developed for the attention span and ability of this age group. Activities using ribbons, balls, hoops, ropes, balloons, feathers, scarves, bean bags, and creative dance are included in this fun class of exploration and movement.

Junior Jumpers

This is an introduction to rhythmic gymnastics for the 4 and 5 year-old child. The class features low impact jumping, running, skipping, galloping and other basic locomotor movements incorporated into a warm up routine involving skills and stretches appropriate for the age and size of the children. Ballet and tumbling are a part of the class, as well as an introduction to the rhythmic equipment, ribbons, ropes, balls, clubs, and hoops.

Introductory Training

This is the first level of instruction in rhythmic gymnastics for girls ages 6 and older. The one-hour class will consist of instruction in basic skills in ballet, dance, and equipment such as ribbons, ropes, hoops, balls, clubs. This is an introductory level, familiarizing students with the basic body elements and equipment used in rhythmic gymnastics. Girls will move to the next level once basic developmental skills are mastered. Girls in this level will be working on Level 1 skills in the USA Gymnastics developmental program. Once the skills in the level 1 book are mastered, girls will be moved ahead to basic training- level 2.

Basic Training

This is a developmental class for the young gymnast who demonstrates potential in dance and the use of equipment and an interest to learn more about rhythmic. The emphasis will be on flexibility, basic skill technique and ballet. Girls enrolled in this class should have been introduced to all pieces of equipment and be familiar with basic body positions. The class is designed to teach the more specific skills and technique needed to progress in the sport. Ballet instruction, as it relates to rhythmic gymnastics, is included. The girls in this class will be learning the Level 2 skills from the USA Gymnastics developmental program.

Progressive Training

This class is a 2-hour class designed for the intermediate rhythmic gymnast. This class will further develop the skills that are important to rhythmic gymnastics including more advanced flexibility, conditioning, ballet and equipment handling. More emphasis will be put on learning combinations and putting skills and combinations together with music into short routines. Girls will be working on the Level 3 skills as well as beginner group skills to prepare for the competitive level.
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