Our goal

at Elite Rhythmics is to develop each individual’s gymnastic potential in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere. Using specific progressions and an active and encouraging coaching approach, every gymnast will learn the correct fundamentals and basic skills in rhythmic gymnastics which will equip her with the knowledge and ability to progress to whatever level she desires.

As coaches

we will use the sport of rhythmic gymnastics to help each child gain greater self confidence and a more positive self image while instilling a solid belief that they can achieve any goals they set their mind and efforts towards.


will be trained and educated in all areas of the sport in an effort to develop an “all around” athlete who is informed and has a positive attitude towards fitness and sport. We strongly believe that understanding training and developing good training habits is important at all levels of performance. This includes following a proper and safe warm up, paying attention to nutrition, managing practice time efficiently and setting realistic goals. We hope to instill a good work ethic and skills and discipline that will have a lasting impact in all areas of life.

The program

is designed to be inviting to all levels of ability and degrees of commitment with the understanding that, like with all things, the more time and effort that is given, the more success each gymnast will have. Gymnasts are asked to attend the number of practices that are in alignment with their goals for the season. Practices are designed to develop strength, flexibility and the skills necessary to accomplish successful and realistic goals. Gymnasts are expected to attend the practices they have committed to and give 100% effort during each practice.

The philosophy of the team

is to provide a life benefiting experience that will assist in the development of each individual. It is a team that will ultimately produce “winners” in all areas of life, not solely on an awards stand. Although each gymnast will be trained to perform well and hopefully, at times, win – the focus of this team is not on winning but on performing your best, reaching goals, being part of a team, having fun and learning the discipline of sports.
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